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Corn Management / Corn Removal

A small patch of thick and painful skin under your foot can be really irritating! But, it can be a number of things, not just a corn. 

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foot wart removal by doctor johannesburg

What are Corns?

Corns are the thickening of skin in response to excessive pressure over a relatively small surface area. They can happen in a few areas of the feet but are typically found under the balls of the feet, sides of baby toes and the top and tips of hammer/curled toes.

These are areas where the underlying bones are more prominent because of deformity or loss of fatty tissue. Corns are often painful. They can form on their own or within callus. They often have overlying callus.

Corn Management Techniques

Corn management techniques are broken down into three categories in our practice: 

Immediate Relief / Removal

We will shave down the thick skin and remove the hard centre of the corn with a scalpel blade. Most corns will recur if the cause is not addressed. The frequency of recurrence depends on many factors including age, activity, deformity and footwear. 

Prevention / Addressing the cause

For long term relief, addressing the pressure that is causing the corn is the most important thing. For corns under the ball of the foot, it may involve a biomechanical and gait assessment and custom foot orthotics/insoles; for corns between the toes, silicone spacers and offloading; for corns on the sides of the baby toes, a change in footwear. 

Surgical Referral

This is limited to cases where there are bony deformities such as rigid hammer toes or bones that have a very pointy edge. This is done by an orthopaedic surgeon. We recommend this option in situations where conservative measures have not provided adequate relief.

Corn Removal Procedures

Corns are removed by skilled podiatrists using specific tools and are kept away through addressing the causative pressure, as described above.

Why Choose Us for Corn Treatment

Understanding the nature of corns and their management techniques is essential for those seeking comfort and relief. Along with immediate symptom relief, we make sure to investigate and address the causes for long term results . Our aims are to put together individualised treatment and management plans for you to regain pain-free mobility and enjoy healthier feet.


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