Virtual Podiatry…

3 Jul 2020 | Other Stories, Practice Updates

At first thought, Podiatry does not seem to be a Profession that suits “virtual” interactions… I disagree!

Have we ever chatted about your feet over WhatsApp, Email or even a phonecall….? That is telemedicine!  

Yes, there are somethings I will never be able to do over virtual platforms like cutting toenails, shaving callus, and properly assessing your mechanics,


There are so many other interactions that don’t actually need a physical appointment like follow ups, checking in, education and monitoring.

I have chosen to start using the MEDICI application, not only for the above but to make sure that all clinical communication is in a single platform. 


Simple! yes, it is simple to use but,

Most importantly it is completely POPI/HIPAA compliant which means that your personal clinical information is safe!

Also, it integrates into my existing system so that everything is in one place.

You have direct access to the Podiatrist (me) without having to go through an admin assistant.

In incorporates all forms of communication:

Administration Only

  • Booking appointments
  • Appointment confirmation & reminders
  • Statements and invoices
  • Account queries

Clinical Communication

  • Follow ups and check ins
  • Post nail surgery instructions and follow ups
  • Orthotic follow ups and monitoring
  • Documents (Consent Forms, scripts, info sheets)
  • Screening and guidance
  • Referals and reports


As with everything in life, Ts & Cs apply. I have updated my Billing Policy and Terms and Conditions to incorporate this new Telehealth offering.

This service needs to be consented to. Please email us if you’d like us to send you the link to consent form (yes, it is also digital!).

And lastly, this service will be charged for in line with previous and updated Policies (above). Charges will depend on the situation and the Podiatrists instructions. For example, if I pop you a message just to ask how you are doing after a physical appointment, and all is well and that interaction takes 2 minutes, I am not going to charge for it. If we have done an ingrown toenail surgery, the homecare instructions will be sent over Medici and follow up messages over the next 6 weeks will be charged for as this interaction will replace 2-3 physical appointments, although cheaper and without having to leave your home!



I look forward to your joining me on this journey!

Keep warm and keep safe!