It’s none of my business!

6 May 2020 | Patient Stories

As we settle in to level 4, there are still many restrictions to deal with. In the spirit of supporting small businesses, I’d like to share some of those of my patients. Change takes courage and many have been brave and adapted well in these trying times. Perhaps you might find one or two of interest…

Balance Through Movement

Functional Training, Pilates, Massage

Linda Watson currently offers online pilates and functonal training. I am looking forward to further ease on the restrictions so that she can get back to massage! She is an avid mountain biker, runner, rower and hiker! Linda is so passionate about staying active and fit… even through lockdown.

Claudia RD & Consultant Dieticians


Claudia is an enthusiastic Dietician, who is most generous with her knowledge. She has a holistic approach and really does care about health and well being, from the inside out. Her own blog is a wealth of information and she currently consults through Consultant Dieticians (in person, and online)

Unique Feet

Custom footwear and fittings

Many of you have already had the pelasure of Richard Kushlick’s footwear service. His approach to shoes and fitting them is a rarity. He offers a selection of footwear for men and women, for those who need specific features, who struggle with shoe fit, or for those who want something particular.

Bonegio Spanish Dance Company

Spanish and Flamenco dance lessions

Gillian Bonegio has been taching Spanish dancing for many years and has transitioned to viedo with ease. Students far and wide have embraced her online classes! Spanish dancing is one of the dance styles that you are never too old to start… perhaps an idea to give yourself a challenge?

Skincare Store 365

Professional Skincare Range

A supplier of the Saloncare Professional Skincare Range, making professional skincare regimes and products available in the comfort of your home… for consumers who do not have access to a salon or spa… for pre and post treatment care… in conjunction with treatments or on its own… for her and him… for young and old! Head over to their Facebook page and perhaps you will find your new skincare range…

If nothing else, I hope you found that interesting! Please feel free to send me an email if you have a small business for me to share in the next few weeks.

Keep well.