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A medical pedicure (aka a medi-pedi) is a sterile procedure tailored to the needs of the individual patient. Whether you’re seeking relief from common foot issues or simply aiming to maintain the well-being of your feet, a medical pedicure is a general foot treatment that addresses your skin and toenails. It is a term that is not particularly common in South Africa.

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What is a medical pedicure?

A medical pedicure is a meticulous treatment designed to address the specific needs of your feet. Unlike traditional pedicures, medical pedicures are performed by trained podiatrists who possess a deep understanding of foot anatomy and health. We utilise medically approved techniques and sterile instruments to clean, treat, and rejuvenate your feet. With the expertise of a podiatric examination and skill, we ensure that your feet not only look their best but also feel their best.

This treatment does not come with nail painting and massage, that we leave to the beauticians.

Why choose a medical pedicure?

If you have been to a salon and been unsatisfied with their services, a medical pedicure is a step up. A medical pedicure is a non-invasive treatment without any down time afterwards. It is performed by professionally trained and registered podiatrists. Although it seems like med-pedis are only for those experiencing dry, cracked skin and other issues on their feet, these pedicures are for everyone.You can think of this as a form of preventative care.

Steps involved in our medical pedicure

At an appointment for a medical pedicure, we will start by taking a full medical history, including current and past health conditions, current medications, and the main reason for the visit. We will then assess the reason for visit, make a diagnosis and then discuss and implement a treatment plan. We will also check for: 

Signs of infection (bacterial, fungal, or viral)

Skin pathologies (callus, corns, psoriasis, eczema/dermatitis)

Nail abnormalities (thickened, discoluored, or ingrown nails)

Any other potential issues, particular for people with Diabetes and circulatory conditions.

FAQ on Medical Pedicures

Q: What’s The Difference Between a Traditional pedicure And a Medical Pedicure?


  • A salon pedicure is a beauty treatment for toenails and feet. Feet are soaked in water, then dead skin is removed, nails clipped and shaped and moisturiser applied. The grand finale is the foot massage and the nail polish. Its focus is indulgence and pampering.
  • A medi-pedi is a medical-grade pedicure distinctively different from a salon pedicure:
    1. bridges podiatry and basic nail care with a focus on the assessment and treatment of foot issues, rather than aesthetics.
    2. performed by a podiatrist.
    3. performed in a private room for optimal comfort.
    4. ensure the health of your feet by managing existing foot problems as well as detecting and treating issues in their early stages.
    5. All treatments use medical-grade products.


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