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Lucy CorderLucy Corder
08:49 08 Nov 23
I have been going to Megan for years to tidy up my rough heels and she is gentle, efficient and so professional. I highly recommend her and her practice.
Derek McCarthyDerek McCarthy
18:43 06 Nov 23
I’ve been seeing Megan for a number of years now for orthotics and any other podiatry needs. She always wants what’s best for me as a patient, extremely knowledgeable and cutting edge tech used. Highly recommended. Would give 6 stars if I could!
Thea FleischerThea Fleischer
16:26 05 Nov 23
They where professional and very helpful . I would definitely recommend them
Kerry Barton-HobbsKerry Barton-Hobbs
18:07 03 Nov 23
Vincenzo NicolosiVincenzo Nicolosi
18:53 02 Nov 23
Nkele MatsosoNkele Matsoso
18:40 02 Nov 23
I started running in 2022, I would suffer shin splints everytime I run anything more than 5km. Google search Jan 2023 landed me on M Maddocks Inc. Eullenda have been amazing from first consult, explaining everything in layman's language so I can understand how she'll fix my feet. She would call me after all milestone runs to find out how I coped. I achieved my goal of running my first marathon in October 2023, thanks to her help. I made special mention of the podiatrist contribution to my success on all my social media posts after my marathon.
Siobhan LeydenSiobhan Leyden
16:38 02 Nov 23
Our young daughter has been treated by Eullenda on two occasions now. On the first occasion, the practice kindly accommodated us in circumstances in which they were fully booked. The care was gentle, professional and despite the pain my daughter was in, she left on both occasions with a smile on her face. I cannot give this practice anything less than 5 stars. You will not be disappointed.
Julie WiidJulie Wiid
08:08 02 Nov 23
A friendly and highly professional practice who treat a few family members, myself included. Megan and Eullenda have always done an excellent job correcting a variety of issues and are always willing to take the time to offer great explanations and to answer any questions one might have. We highly recommend them.
Larry GanessLarry Ganess
07:58 02 Nov 23
M Maddocks Inc Podiatrists has been looking after both feet for over 3 years now. I am very welcomed and the treatment I get and feel after my consultation is bey words I have difficulty is walking and under foot issues. Megan and her team have been just super. I have also recommended my entire family and friends to see her.Week done Megan
Eullenda really took the time during my consultation. She made sure to address all my concerns and provided great advice. I can highly recommend this practice!
Thato MbathaThato Mbatha
11:47 30 Dec 21
You know you have problems when you make an appointment to see a podiatrist! Thank goodness for Megan. So sweet, gentle and excellent at what she does. To think i was petrified walking into that room, but she made me feel so comfortable and reassured me that she won’t hurt me (despite her scary looking tools, lol) and indeed- it was a painless consultation! Thanks Megs - you’re definitely one for the books!
Alexander John PurvesAlexander John Purves
14:59 13 Mar 21
Megan is a thoroughly modern Podiatrist , with all the testing and monitoring equipment imaginable . I am a patient of hers for my Annual checkup , and Detailed Report for Type 2 Diabetes , monitored by my Medical Aid Society and GUIDEPOST .
Simon Van UytrechtSimon Van Uytrecht
11:15 06 Mar 21
Megan is amazing!!! She took her time to clearly explain what what happening with my feet and how she planned to treat the issue.I can highly recommend anyone who has sensitive feet or toes to visit her for treatment. Thank you Megan!
Des SmutsDes Smuts
14:36 02 Mar 21
STOP waisting time and GO to Megan Maddock for a thorough examination and detailed interpretation of results. Megan is friendly, professional and punctual. The advice I recieved was logical and accurate. A bonus was the referrals.Yours trulySome guy that wants to continue running.
Megan is kind, professional and so knowledgeable. I recommend her highly.



Skin thickens as a protective mechanism against high pressure/friction/sheer forces.

We will thin the skin and manage the discomfort with creams, products and perhaps suggest devices or even insoles to address the high pressure.

Learn more about Callus Management here


Fungal infection can affect the toenails and/or skin. Management is focused on addressing the specific area as well as socks, shoes and the environment using antifungal creams, products and detergents.

Learn more about Fungal Infection Treatment here

(Unfortunately, we do not offer laser therapy at this point)



Warts needs to be differentiated from corns. They can be painful, or go unnoticed, and there can be one or many. There are many treatment options from conservative applications to surgical procedures.

Learn more about foot wart removal here



Diabetes affects the foot in many ways, most notably blood flow and sensation. The mainstay of management is preventing complications with regular monitoring. Podiatrists also assist in early identification of complications as well as managing complications through a team effort involving other professionals.


Ankle, heel, Achilles, arch, toes, foot, knees, lower back.

One leg longer than the other.

May or may not be sports related.

May or may not have started after an accident or an event.


Bunions can cause much discomfort. Conservative management is focused on footwear and biomechanics, and often require custom insoles, to reduce discomfort, delay progression and surgery. Insoles are also prescribed after bunion correction surgery.


This term is commonly used in Europe to describe what we call general podiatry care. It involves taking a medical history followed by assessment and treatment of skin and toenail concerns.

Learn more about Medical Pedicures here


Conservative care: for those who are not keen for surgical options. Every 6-8 weeks to maintain nails.

Surgical options to permanently* remove the section of nail from the deep base. Can be done in-rooms, under sedation or in theatre.



Computerised gait analysis includes high-speed video as well as pressure-mapping. We look at how your feet, legs and body move, and consider the forces and loads acting on them, which may be contributing to discomfort or dysfunction. The information gained is used in management planning and footwear and insole prescription.



Prescription, custom insoles are an important part of the management plan for many things, from pain, flat and high arch feet, clawing toes, knee pain to running injuries, corns, bunions and deformity, as well as before and after foot surgery.

They can be made for sports shoes, formal shoes and some sandals.

They are designed from the information gained from the Gait & Biomechanical assessment.



Our youngsters can have many concerns regarding their feet and legs such as skin and toenail issues, flat feet, foot, ankle, knee pain that can be managed with various options.


Effective wound care is focused on creating the optimal environment in which a wound can heal. This is always done with a team approach including specialist wound nurses and vascular surgeons. Podiatrists play an important role in preventing wounds, identifying high risk areas early, improving wound environment, and offloading pressure that may be contributing.


Running, dancing, cycling, tennis, golf, soccer, cricket, bowls, hiking…

Sports may be associated with skin and nail issues as well as pain and injury.

Please see other sections for more detail.


“My GP referred me to Megan Maddocks after ongoing issues with Plantar Fasciitis were preventing me from running and causing a lot of pain. Megan is fantastic to consult with – she is very passionate about her work, highly thorough and professional and we managed to resolve everything such that I am running pain-free and back to decent times. My daughter has also benefitted from appointments with Megan and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for a professional podiatrist who brings the latest research to her field.”

David Entwisle

“We met Megan when we sought assistance for my elderly Mom who was on a short visit to Jhb.  Megan did a thorough assessment of Mom’s feet and quickly determined a course of action which has had a significant impact on her levels of comfort and quality of life.  Apart from her obvious competence and professionalism, what struck me most about Megan was the kindness, patience and empathy with which she treated Mom.  I would recommend Megan to anyone having trouble with their feet.  She has since also treated my daughter and successfully refined the solutions she implemented for Mom.  We wish Megan all of the very best as she grows and develops her practice.”

Guy Wiid

If you want to have a reassuring and cathartic experience during which you are treated with kindness and respect, you should choose Megan Maddocks as your podiatrist. Her professionalism and warmth exceeds my expectations every time. She is genuinely concerned about relieving my pain and discomfort. She takes great care during the treatments and tests and in making me feel at ease. She is very proficient in her field of healthcare and I feel free to ask any question without fear of judgement. She always has workable suggestions and solutions to enable me, as a diabetic, to take care of my feet. I do walk away from my appointments with happy feet and heart:-)...”

Carolyn David



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